Why You Should Join Empire Avenue – Your Guide to Sharing

Why You Should Join Empire Avenue – Your Guide to Sharing

To be plain with you, Napoleon and the Empire appeal a lot to the French !

So just imagine ‘Empire Avenue‘!

This sounds like the 12 Avenues Napoleon built in Paris around the ‘Triumph Arch’ of ‘Etoile’ (Star), including the famous

‘Champs-Elysées’ down to the ‘Concorde’ place.

Well in a word, this sounds like you’re coming down the ‘Champs-Elysées’ with Napoleon or your favorite partners on your side and lots of cheering around!

Here are at least 5 reasons to join Empire Avenue-EA for intimates :

1/ To become as famous as Napoleon

Well, you may be taller and have less troops than Napoleon and still enjoy Empire Avenue a lot ! Of course, we all have great self-esteem, but you’ll receive a lot more than esteem on Empire Avenue-EA, you’ll receive visibility.

You may be somewhere in a tiny village or in a lost island and Empire Avenue will bring you to the world, and, who knows… soon to the ‘Champs Elysées’, in Paris !

2/ To share your talents, findings & innovations

Empire Avenue helps you grow your professional presence on a number of networks and set a professional strategy to reach your objectives. That is key. And even if the networks chosen are biased the American way (no big European or Asian networks yet), you will have access to over 1.4bn viewers, which is just superb to share. Suppose you find half of an innovation and you really work well with one of your EA partners. Well, chances are high you will find the other half and achieve your innovation !

3/ To partner with great people

You just cannot imagine the incredible quality of entrepreneurs and diversified people you will meet on the Avenue ! And they come from Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, the Americas and 100 countries !This is the key part for me ! I must admit I would not have reached through without the precious advices of Jan, a Belgian partner and friend. Not only are your EA partners talented but they are great listeners and great advisers and coaches. Some of them will even take you by the hand and bring you up there to look at the sun coming out of the sea !

4/ To grow international

You might have a very local business where you feel most of your clients are within 100km or 100 miles reach of your main activities or show window. But The truth is most people travel increasingly more year on year and might come across and visit you from far away, simply because it is you and you are exceptional ! Or even better than that : You may be invited to venues in other countries, simply because you are a great leader and people love working with you, whichever country they come from !

5/ To build up your projects

Most companies on earth and 96% in France are operated by teams of 1 to 3 people ! This is why each team member, partner or support is invaluable ! Of course many entrepreneurs go their own way and wrongly feel they can’t be helped a lot. But you may find incredible people in the Avenue, coming from diverse countries, who may bring a lot to your projects !

And here is your EA Guide to Sharing

1/ Bring in all your networks and join new ones

After filling in a short Biography with your photo, bring in or join Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and Facebook. You may also join Four Square, especially if you happen to be a proper writer in recommending places around your region or country.

Joining new networks will open you new windows and give access to different types of networking. Give it a thought.

2/ Sharing & posting regularly

Sharing may be done once a week, eg on week-ends, but EA will value your points in such a way that you have your week accounts turning on with your historic 7-day performances, so that you’ll get better points first if you keep posting 2 minutes a day rather than 10 minutes a week.

3/ Shares, portfolios and wealth

You never get told when you start up with Empire Avenue but indeed your Eaves or Vees currencies are not like your usual bank account. You better invest them on the EA stock exchange than keep them in the bank ! Why ?

Well, on the contrary to the usual Paris, London or NT Stock Exchanges, your EA shares bring you dividends every day ! And this has no limit. Take an example: Suppose your dividends bring you 10,000 Eaves a day, then they will bring you 3,65millions Eaves (365*10,000) a year on your EA account !

For this reason, investing 90% of your Eaves is the key. Why ? You better have 1,000,000 invested with 0.1% a day, ie 1,000 than keep them lazily in the bank. After 365 days…they will turn you 365,000 in !

4/ Join groups & leaders

You have about 700 groups in Empire Avenue. But a few of them have 100 to 3,000 members and they’ll give you a great visibility as well as get a chance to meet lots of great players and partners. Furthermore, some of these groups teach you what to do to improve your scores on the Avenue.

Why are EA leaders so important ? Well, very simply because they have millions of Eaves, thousands of connections and know the game better than the others. They may not only support you heartily but also present you to the best partners you may find in EA and to thousands of new potential partners.
They will potentially accelerate your chances to climb the stairs to the skies !

5/ Photos, videos and texts

Though each sharing has its talents, I have noted that for some reasons photos were probably having the best results and points scored in the EA systems, which may be linked to their universality and immediate comprehension by all your EA partners or visitors, wherever they come from. Make sure you have some, be that on G+, your blogs or on specialized sites such as Flickr.

But as for the rest of the story, having good content is a great starter, but you have to let it known as well building up missions ! Look at those already existing and this will give you a flair of what you can do.

6/ Why Empire Avenue is to be shared

Of course, reaching 20, 30, 50 or 100 and more while your share goes up gives you great smiles and is boosting your morale. You will also receive regular certificates as to your advancements in the game to see where you stand. But the fantastic talents you’ll meet will also make sure you have great fun joining Empire Avenue.

With a new step of EAV Leaders, Empire Avenue has reached a new step and has reached over 100,000 players so far of which some 5,000 leaders or soon-to be leaders.

You can check out my EAV profile here :


and if you decide to sign up (as you should indeed), feel free to connect with me there ! Be welcome to !


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  1. Thanks so much for Napoleon and yes, I’m taller . . . hehehe . . . 🙂

    Jokes aside, while reading your superb piece I was creating pictures and landscapes in my head to walk along. So well done from a business point of view.


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